A personal injury is a civil law case where you have an injury to the physical body, mental or emotional trauma, as opposed to an injury to property due to the “negligence” of someone else.
The responsibility of the person for an accident or misfortune.
There is no fee. CAIL is a “contingent based” firm; we are paid a percentage of the recovered amount as approved by you.
No. Expenses are typically paid from any recovered amount.
Any amount depends on your particular set of circumstances. The person “at fault” and responsible for the injury may have to pay for any medical treatment that was sought, time missed from work and emotional damages that are related to the injury. Other factors may include any partial or permanent disability, loss of family as well as any missed educational training. For the most part the more serious the injuries the potential is there for a higher recovery.
Typically, most doctors and medical facilities upon being notified will hold the bills until the matter settles; at which time the firm will pay the bills from any amount recovered.
Where you have through your own actions contributed to the harm suffered.
There are a variety of things that need to be done. First and foremost take care of your health. Then you can begin obtaining evidence, this may include pictures of the vehicles, area of the accident or the injuries sustained. Start a journal or some note system on a daily basis to keep a record of your activities, pain level, doctor appointments, missed days from work, etc.
Yes. In Virginia the “statute of limitations” for most personal injury matters is 2 years from the date of injury. If you fail to file your claim, you may be completely out of luck in collecting any compensation.
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